The final schedule for NEWhere 2020 is live! See this page for access links to the Zoom rooms where the events will be happening.

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing:

Virtual con suite
Morning to early afternoon on all three days of the con, a set of moderated Zoom breakout rooms for hanging out and catching up with your filk friends.

Virtual filk circles
Evening to late night on all three days of the con. Hang out with fellow filkers (and their intermittent housepets), and take turns to sing, sing, sing! (Yes, you can sing along at home too, even if your mike is muted.)

Afternoon Short Sets
Twenty-minute concert sets — sit down and watch, or listen while puttering around the house! We have an amazing lineup of performers scheduled over the three days of the convention, including Marc Glasser, Joe Kesselman, Harold Feld, Roberta Rogow, Bob & Sue Esty, Heather Borean, John McDaid, Ben Newman, Joshua Kronengold & Lisa Padol, and more!

NEFilk At 30
Join us late afternoon / early evening on Friday, for an open storytelling circle to reminisce about thirty years of the Oldest Established Permanent Floating Filk Con on the Coast! Bring your favorite NEFilk memories and take turns sharing them with the crowd.

Guest of Honor concert
Tune in late Saturday afternoon for an hour of music and merriment from our very own “Gorgeous Gary” Ehrlich!

Unknown Is Unending: A Tribute to Abby Cinii
Earlier this year, New York and the wider Northeast filk fandom lost one of its mainstays in Abby Cinii. Join us Sunday for a memorial concert, where many of her friends and fellow filkers will be performing her songs in celebration of her life.

Keep safe, and keep singing!